Combat headache with Thai foot reflexology


Only those who suffer from continuous headache know how truly disabling it can be, how any activities of one’s daily life, even the most simple ones, becomes complex and difficult to accomplish.

The causes of headaches can be different, so when you suffer from these discomforts it is very important to do a full medical checkup, which is essential to determine the most appropriate type of medical care.

Headaches can be caused by problems of the spine, breathing difficulties, digestive or liver problems, and in all of these cases foot reflexology can help relieve the pain.

How does foot reflexology work?

Foot reflexology is an Oriental technique that acts on specific points of the foot to rebalance the body’s energy flows.

These points correspond to the numerous nerve endings that run through our bodies and interconnect organs, joints and systems, which is why the well-being of the feet affects the overall condition of a person.


Foot reflexology acts on three aspects: congestion, tension, and inflammation, all of which are frequent causes of chronic headaches.

Foot reflexology sessions are aimed at eliminating these conditions, restoring the proper energy balance.

This technique stimulates specific points of the foot, individually and simultaneously, according to the principle of comprehensive reflection, intended as stimulation of a series of several zones to obtain a general beneficial effect.

For its relaxing power, foot reflexology is used not only in the cases of headaches, but also for back or joint pains.

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