Aromatic essential massage

Massage created for a pleasant beneficial effect on both body and mind.

The aromatic essential massage is based on the aromatic elements contained in different plants, which due to their natural properties can be used to cure several forms of stress, including insomnia and anxiety.

The mix of selected essential oils gives a pleasant feeling and complements the efficacy of the massage.

The plant extracts work through topical absorption and their particular scent.

Such extracts are blended directly in the massage oil, made with a mix of vitamin E enriched plant oils.

The use of pure essential oils in combination with the massage produces a beneficial effect on the body and the mind, while stimulating the bloodstream and soothing fatigue and pain.

The personnel at the Silathai center apply traditional techniques with extreme care and skill for the wellbeing of our clients.

Besides the aromatic essential massage, the Center offers several other kinds of massages, including the anti-cellulite treatment and plantar reflexology, which were invented precisely for personal physical and mental wellbeing.

The Center is open every day, from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm, because we love to cater to you every need.

The last treatment start at 7.30 pm. Reservation suggested.

If you would like more information on Sila Thai Massage, fill out the on-line form or call the number +39 055 217559.