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Relaxing oil massage

The relaxing oil massage is a technique that has existed for millennia and rests upon alternating gentle and flowing movements and deep pressure exerted with the palm of the hand.

Thai culture has always resorted to oils and essences for body care purposes, in the light of their beneficial properties.

Indeed, a massage made with aromatic oils at room temperature provides substantial benefits to the organism and helps rebalance the energy flow.


This relaxing massage has a combined action, matching the property of the oils with the efficacy of traditional massage.

The feeling of wellbeing after a massage cycle is produced by the ability of these techniques to influence the key points of our body in a direct way, thus releasing tension and freeing the body from stress.

By acting on blood circulation, it also favors oxygen supply to tissues, keeping the skin smooth and elastic.

The Silathai massage center employs Thai personnel who take good care of our guests while ensuring outstanding service and professionalism.

Besides the relaxing oil massage, our clients may choose from several other services, including traditional Thai massage and plantar reflexology, both targeted at restoring our guests to their natural mental and physical wellbeing.


Prices Relaxing oil massage:

  • 30 min. €35
  • 60 min. €55 
  • 90 min. €85




If you would like more information on Sila Thai Massage, fill out the on-line form or call the number +39 055 217559


The Thai massage was invented as a Buddhist art 2,500 years ago. Ancient Thai massage was taught in temples and passed down orally from generation to generation.
The Silathai The Massage Center offers its guests professional services based on a millennia-old tradition.

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